There are different ways to get in touch with the web hosting company whose services you’re using, but the one that you’ll always find no matter which company you choose is a support ticket system. This is the easiest method of communication for many reasons. If no client support staff member is free at the moment and they are all occupied, a telephone call may not be replied to, but a ticket will invariably hit home. Also, you can copy/paste large bits of info without worrying about typographical mistakes, and if a specific issue needs more time to be sorted out or a number of replies have to be exchanged, all the info will be in one location, so either party can always see the steps taken by the other one. The downside of using tickets to get in touch with your web hosting provider is that they are often separate from the hosting platform, which suggests that if you have to supply information or to adhere to instructions, you’ll have to use no less than two separate accounts and this number could grow if you desire to manage multiple domains. Additionally, a lot of web hosting providers reply to tickets after hours, or even once in every twenty four hours, and for you as a client, this means wasted time while awaiting a reply.

Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Web Hosting

Our cloud web hosting come with an integrated support ticket system, which is an integral part of our custom-built Hepsia hosting Control Panel. As opposed to other analogous tools, Hepsia will permit you to manage everything related to the hosting service itself in one and the same location – payments, web files, emails, support tickets, etc., eliminating the necessity to go through different admin dashboards. In the event that you’ve got any pre-sales or technical questions or any difficulties, you can submit a ticket with just a few clicks of the mouse without ever leaving your hosting Control Panel. In the meantime, you may choose a category and our system will present you with a variety of educational articles, which will supply you with more info and which may help you resolve any particular problem even before you actually post a ticket. We guarantee a ticket response time of maximum sixty minutes, even if it is a weekend or an official holiday.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers

The support ticket system that we are using is incorporated into the Hepsia Control Panel, which we have developed for our semi-dedicated servers, which implies that you will not require a separate support platform to get in touch with our technical support staff – you can do it on the spot if you run into a challenge. Sending a new ticket requires a couple of mouse clicks and finding an older one is equally easy. Using our intelligent search option, you can swiftly find any ticket that you’ve sent in the past. You can send a ticket at any particular time since our help desk support team members are working night and day and answer in less than 1 hour, even though it seldom takes that much to get support. With Hepsia, you’ll have everything in one single location and you can forget about having to use two or more platforms to troubleshoot a simple problem.